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At TriMas, operating our businesses with integrity is core to our success. We believe that a commitment to honesty, respect and ethics is a valuable asset that builds trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. All members of our TriMas family of businesses are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct, and we reinforce this policy through communication and training.

Aligned with our commitment to integrity is our adherence to the highest safety and health standards. Providing our employees with a safe workplace is an integral part of our operating model. We consider safety laws and regulations as minimum requirements. We believe all accidents are preventable through awareness, and champion this philosophy through our culture of continuous improvement.

We are also dedicated to fostering a culture based on dignity, respect and empowering employees to achieve their full potential in the workplace, regardless of any differences in gender, age, ethnic background, culture, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability or personal opinions. We embrace new ideas as ways to improve our business. Inclusion, respect, acceptance and learning are values that bring our team together and make us better.

Thank you for your interest in TriMas, and thank you to TriMas’ dedicated team who live and support our values and culture every day.

Thomas Amato
TriMas President and CEO